What We Offer

The options are endless, here is an overview of what we can do at Danville Cheese. If you would like to see our current menu and request more information please click the “Book” Button.


Grazes are a fabulous way to make a statement and feed and crowd. We offer a flat graze or a raised graze. All grazes include a variety of cheeses and cured meats, fuit, veggies, dips, honey, nuts, dried fruit, crackers, bread and a little dark chocolate.  Grazes can also be customized to fit your theme and tastes dependending on availablity. 

Both grazes are charged by foot (with a 3 foot minimum). 1 foot feeds approximately 12 people. Grazes are built on site and take approximately 3 hours from start to finish. Unfortunately, we do not do allergen free grazes out of extreme caution.

Raised Graze

Flat Graze
Flat Grazes are built on food quality butcher paper on your table or counter.

Raised Graze
Raised Grazes are built using props, pedastals and risers creating a 3 dimentional display of delicious food.


Cheese + Meat
All of our cheese and meat boards come with an assortment of cheeses and cured meats as well as seasonal fruit, honey, nuts, dried fruit and crackers on the side.  

Crudities and Hummus
Our crudities and hummus boards come with an assortment of seasonal fresh veggies with hummus dip.

Dessert Board
Our dessert boards come with an assortment of mini cupcakes, cookies, brownies, rice krispi treats, fruit and chocolates.  All boards are customizable, subject to availability.  

Custom Candy Board
Our custom candy boards are popular bday gifts or for serving at bday parties.  Can be customized with number dishes for an additional fee


Danville Cheese Kids
We do an assortment of kid friendly boards, boxes and cups.  All items come with kid friendly cheese and meat as well as seasonal fruit and/or veggies and a sweet treat.  Kids boards are customizable depending on availability.

Cocktail Charcuterie Cups
Our bite size version (4oz) of our charcuterie cups.   Perfect for those happy hours and open houses. 

Charcuterie Coupes
An elegant way to serve your guests their individual charcuterie with a petite selection of artisan cheeses a cured meat, fruit and nuts all served in a champagne coupe glass.  Makes fabulous placesettings and fun date nights/girls nights.   

To-Go Boxes
We offer an assortment of box sizes for your cheese to go needs.   

Mini- servers 1 person (appitizer size)

Small -serves 1 (meal size)

Medium- serves 2 people

Large- serves 4 people

Charcuterie Cups
The perfect individual serving of your favorite cheeses and meat with nuts & fruits (both fresh and dried)

A small glass jar version of our charcuterie cups that make a super cute display,  Perfect for table settings and buffets.

Celebration “Cheese”cakes
These tired cakes made of different types of brie are a showstopper.  They make a great centerpiece for a special celebration and also make fabulous gifts to deliver.  Can be customized with special cake toppers for weddings, anniversaries, baby and bridal showers and birthdays.